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As a major player in early stage R&D and voluntary public-private partnerships, the U.S. Department of Energy engages She Wolf for support in the development of websites
including identification and creation of content, management of development, and overall design and branding. She Wolf supports multiple programs within in the department, including smart grid, advanced manufacturing, and the Better Buildings Initiative.

Often websites can become stale or out-of-date, as programs and projects wrap-up and continuously evolve over time. When major updates are made to a website platform’s look
and feel and functionality, sometimes previous content is no longer presented clearly. 

What we do

She Wolf has helped many Energy Department programs more cohesively present their activities as well as create the framework to easily keep website content up to date. She Wolf has executed on custom Drupal and WordPress websites, and worked within existing content management systems.

how it works

UNDERSTAND priorities and needs for website updates.
ORGANIZE webpages into an organization information.
architecture with supporting taxonomy.
DESIGN webpages to capture activities, opportunities to engage,
and other key information to drive action and increase awareness.
DEPLOY website with established processes and systems for long-term
maintenance including updates and improvements.

Complex topics, and interesting successes are captured cohesively across content Management systems, with First of its kind and thoughtfully designed websites.