You are back from a long weekend and you just aren’t sure what to do with your content calendar.  The folks you work with are still out of the office. You aren’t getting emails with articles, insights, or information to share.

What do you do?

Be nimble and change up how you approach content – with scrolling, sharing, and saving ideas for later. Yes, this means you get to hit pause on your own original content creation for a few days, and you can tap into what your community of followers is talking about instead.

  • Start with your Twitter lists. If you don’t have any, create new ones or if you do have lists update them.  Lists are easy ways to follow like users and monitor conversations they are having. For instance, you can have a list of all your media partners, your funders, or your prospective customers.  Organized in separate lists or in multiple lists tied to your industries, you can view their interests, and other topics they are discussing. Lists let you aggregate updates so you can browse them all together and cut through unnecessary information.
  • Tracking down influencers. Figure out who is out there but isn’t talking about you yet. Seek out popular hashtags specific to your industry, look at big events and conferences, see who is talking to who and how who is talking could be talking about you.
  • Look at the photos, videos, and media. Pinpoint the 5 most important relationships you have on social media and start scrolling their pages and social outlets.  Share a few and voila the images are on your timeline too. Save a few more for later.
  • Metrics. Get smarter about the content you share. You could get more or less followers so keep testing and tracking, and be sure to save what you share so you can find it later. Use the power of aggregating and hashtags!

So while folks are out and about this summer, don’t slow down. Just take a little more time to tune in and share what others are saying when you can.