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COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST | Lead Consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Program

Draft and Implement a Public Relations Strategy

  • Shift internal culture so program members start to recognize and publicize research results
  • Spur a “project result team” process so technical and communications program members can work together and evaluate required resources for publicity and information dissemination efforts
  • Create an information dissemination database to allow communications team to understand program results, impacts of the results, and ways to communicate results
  • Engage stakeholder audiences by making contact and asking about experiences with program results
  • Brand program priorities and technology investments
  • Implement media impact and analysis framework to evaluate effectiveness of publicity and capture lessons learned

Introduce Strategic Messaging

  • Pitch the most creative and high level announcement, event, and strategic collaboration opportunity that will achieve desired attention from media, stakeholders, and the pubic
  • Write and review press releases, blogs, fact sheets, brochures
  • Implement targeted distribution list and email blasting system
  • Prepare presentations and briefing materials that complement program priorities and quench the information thirst of internal, external, and Executive Branch audiences

Develop Innovative and Effective Media

  • Lead creation of offshore wind and water power videos
  • Design infographics and diagrams to explain technical concepts to scientific, political, and public audiences
  • Work out database and visual mapping solutions to help program present investments for policy makers, researchers, and the public by guiding a team of contracted designers and developers
  • Compare and revamp website content and design, taking a close look at enterprise solutions and subprogram sites within the Department of Energy that might be leveraged and reconstructed to meet program needs

Build Partnerships and Forums for Collaboration

  • Organize a 4 day US-UK Symposium, A Rising Tide: Creating an Offshore Wind Industry, with over 150 industry, federal agency, and international participants in Washington D.C., Cleveland, OH, and Boston, MA
  • Support continuous information sharing and more formal working relationships, write a report and facilitate comments and feedback from Carbon Trust, NAREC, federal agencies, and program  

Implement Smart and Formal Processes

  • Create communications handbook, style and process guide for team
  • Develop outreach strategy to engage funded researchers to share media and document research